Sunday, September 12, 2010

When i sit down to write it's as if i come face to face with the void itself. The place from which all comes, neatly placed in my head somehow. At the edge of your creativity and staying nice and calm keeps a steady flow of ideas. Until you hit a little insecurity road bump and experience the infamous writer's block. I've suffered a lot from writer's block in the past. Especially during high school when I'd have to write an essay. I'd always struggle to find the words to express whatever idea I had. It's still an issue, which is why I do little exercises like this.

By the way, this blog is a writing exercise, just to get in the habit of writing. I'm also looking to review my thoughts, develop my voice, and connect with anyone with similar interests. I'm not trying to make an interesting blog, I just want to share myself online and rant about shit I hate.

I try not to talk about shit I hate too much because I find it irritating when others do. But I definitely don't mind blogging about it! Here's what I hate: tradition, social expectations, the way children are treated, how much everyone works, the distribution of wealth, being confined to a nuclear family growing up, drug laws, having a gay dad, being heavily dependent on marijuana, being single, being poor, being bipolar, feeling inadequate

Now I'll mention things I love, like: meditating, chico, my plan to live in a van and be a freelance writer, the love and support I get from my family, having lots of unscheduled time to think by myself, not having to work (thanks mom and pop, I swear I'll be worth ur investment someday), the emergence of new culture, entheogens, the power of words, honesty, personal growth, buddhism, reading, writing, sharing ideas, how I treat people, dancing

K, that's enough for now.

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