Friday, September 17, 2010

More Boose, More Memory

Since I stopped smoking weed, I've been drinking every night. Usually just a single high gravity malt liquor tall can. Like a hurricane, steel reserve, or old english. Just a little ghetto brew to take the edge off. Last night, however, I drank for reals, and I had no idea how much my tolerance to alcohol had increased.

Drinking affects you more when your always stoned. When I smoked pot (less than 1 week ago), I would very rarely have more than, like, 8 drinks. I'm a fairly large guy, and regular drinker, so eight drinks isn't gettin' too crazy for me. Last night, however, without large amounts of THC running through my veins, I drank 15 beers, and never felt really intoxicated. I couldn't believe it when I tallied up my brews this mourning. I can't remember the last time I drank so much without feeling really fucked up and forgetting everything.

My memory of last night is crystal clear. I can recall more from last night's drunken wanderings than I could about a typical day of being high. When I smoke, my memory just goes out the window. Last night my friend was talking about something we did a couple weeks ago, and it took me forever to realize what he was talking about. The memory wasn't erased, just very blurry. I was able to recall what we did, but couldn't remember any of the details of it. Like, what we were talking about and how I was feeling. I had even forgotten which friends I was with. Even though I drank 15 beers last night, I can recall all the places I went to, every individual I spoke with, and how my mood was. Weed even made me forget how my normal memory works! hahaha

I mean, I can laugh at it, but there has to be some serious issues about degrading your memory with habitually smoking weed. Of course, nothing comes to mind, but it's gotta make you dumber somehow. This is an effect from dank that never really bothered me. I wonder how my new awareness will serve me. What's life like with a normal memory?? I have no idea... I forgot...

I expect my tolerance to alcohol to decrease as the anxiety I have from not smoking decreases. I know from experience that heightened anxiety increases your tolerance to depressants. Once, while I was hypo manic, I drank a bottle and half of tequila, and didn't puke. I wasn't even doing blow, just had intense energy that alcohol barely effected. Hopefully, in a month or so, I won't need 15 beers to get my party on. But, for now, I give myself complete permission to consume as many budlights as my little anxious body desires.

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  1. Lets be honest...we all know that I was a bit of a pot head in the day. I still occasionally hit the pipe, and when I say occasionally I mean like, once every few months. I know exactly what you are talking about with anxiety and booze, I have a lot of anxiety. However please note that it now takes me, no joke, TWO beers to get a good buzz on.