Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Song from la doma

Please don't feel bad for the things that make you seem sad
Paradox in plaid: creation plays your gay dad
We should seem mad
If you're obligated to be glad

Or else maybe subtle relief

My buddhist boo
Forever I will love you
Your view: askew, reshading my constant blue
BBQ the new, and feast until god is what's due

Oh novel little ego dance

The humility chase Is way more fun off of your face
Like paper lace, its cheap and pretty And forrrrms a maze
Forget your gaze
You ain't in college; don't need to be hazed

Fuck what the They said.

They can't judge spheres
They echo jealousy like they can't hear
My in tune ears channel bomb frequencies
Beyond what eyes steer

Don't pee in your beer
Or color it with a word that you fear
Energy is near
Have you wondered if you might be a queer

Oh conscious clear
Please come gear up all of my jeers

Just like careful creation would.