Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life Story

TRUTH: I'm one person.
FALSE: I know my family
?: I've always seen them as jealous
andanswered: for obvious reasons
bluntness: dark magic
dank: we shit
language?poetry English
thatdkja rakeem du teour meadoonka, frizzunda bea au tweuoluskosh. Sure joke idn e a penny ness ness a peenny.
IDK where I'm going with that... better slow it down. Oh yeah, if you get high enough, weed smells like pennies. Basically. just a clever way of saying that if you practice what you preach, then you'll be the friggin' poet bomb.

PS: You're allowed to kill other's if your forehead is dope enough. Props to me.

I was born to GEORGE and GLENNA (ego pimpers) %*e dmondson, probably just thinking before I incarnated that I would serve the will of humanity over my individual needs for this seshion. But anyway, I couldn't keep 'em on my mind. The angels had me in their thoughts, so I had to be a gangstar when I was little. James and I were always pimpin' next door, you know, the walorinta's aka Randy Walorinta: The Solo Rockstar. That's when shit started gettin' crazy. I remember one night I was over their bout to eat dinner with 'em, when Randy demanded I go ask my Father. I took his word, but as I approached my house, I felt I may be declined by my dad, so I hid by Randy's boat for a little bit. Apparently, it wasn't long enough because when I came back inside Randy questioned if I had truly asked my dad. I looked down shamefully, then went back home right quick to get permission. That was the moment I realized that you can fuck with some people, but you can't FUCK with Others*

That was age3ish? to fourth grade. The Others~ My Heart

Next thing you know I'm bouncin' through portals with Jeff in music. Tatu. Sew - - - - - - - SeE it a sKippING 0

I read. Jack Canfield has the entire formulae for success laced within the first chapter of his book. So I get busy. Taught myself how to ride a bike. Thanks Pop, I know you were too busy with six boys to teach me something as silly as how to ride a bike. That self initiation of not having the normal things other's did really made me a man. So, once again: Papa, you are experiencing you're karma. Randy, you're the man! and lightbeings of the earth - We Rock! quick wish to my future children : I'll see ya in real time. None of this programmed fear and dirty dishes bullshit, ore : just tweak it around a bit Knowiamsayin

School : Family Matters. Urkel truly was the man. Steve, go home.

Hope Future: Aurakrilley
Ok, sew... My face hurts and I believe it's cuz I'm claimin' buddhism, but not eating well enough. OK, nuff said. Shooot doc of mental health fast. Leave a video, let scroteannatina roll see say pue. All I want to do is enjoy my body with people who don't stink. Nuff said.

What really happened : Started gettin' jiggy of a joint. Deeck Shull should listen to Chali 2na. You studied ego, paid attention, came up... Shoooorrrttt!!! and made out.. . Like a B a n d it

So whatchoo wanna say??? Life in wholeness is really not that big. You believe in karma, eat a steak that you know was produced by enslaved cows. Get hung like a nigger for telling the truth. Lose all of you're faith in humanity. Crave and daydream about suicide, and then you remember paradox, love, words, and your teachers. Doug Funny? My biggest problem was how I was taught to write. They took the most wholly of all things then broke it down into a painful craft forcing us to learn culture. That's fucked up beyond belief and it is my hope to take those little weiners outta the word. Teacher's suck cuz they don't always listen to what's up. They think they wanna help, but, really, they just want a quick way out to seem like a saint. If they were really as cool as they "Subconsiosly" wished they were, they wouldn't be poor all their lives. Sorry Miss Swanson, but I don't think you got any brothers on that tail.

So. Whose my enemy and who are my friends L? ? ? ? ? ? ??I

Lavalitter....I've always handed andema weightedinero undeemaha dcU. Keak!!!f

Bad omens, broken dreams, rionree, irony. Gold teeth, stinky people, society, beingness, true buddahs, Love, followers? Staying connected. Twillard, to see you as a happy man I must be the weird uncle that moved to the commune. I can feel it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Claiming Morena Bocks Within

Time, time, and time time time again I find myself shameful. Like jacking off in a cosmic dream... wet shit. Man, the mislsky way has really opened UP my mind. I'm grateful for the fact that women can masturbate and enjoy it. I thought Nataly Lola was the only one! OMG, crazy day.

Eternal: Gratitude for all the homeeze that could stand jacking off as well. I mean, it's pretty shameful, stealing creation in your mind and all, then convincing yourself you like it, but you what??! I believe in dreams, you know why??? cuz I don't have a fucking option.

Once again: SLO sucks. I'm revolutionizing humanity with dice, beer, and creative costumes. Ya'll might even catch some hippies smellin' like gods... ore JUST Get* cheeaapppp... they sell cologne at the dollar store. Where's Wolf?

Christina+Morena+Funkra G Skunk= Love. Forever.. And you All are FREE to FeE l -JEALOUS-

OOH, AND Major thanks to whoever put David Bohm on public access when I was Mildly suicidal..... Miled LEE, Motherfuckers.