Friday, March 25, 2011

Claiming Morena Bocks Within

Time, time, and time time time again I find myself shameful. Like jacking off in a cosmic dream... wet shit. Man, the mislsky way has really opened UP my mind. I'm grateful for the fact that women can masturbate and enjoy it. I thought Nataly Lola was the only one! OMG, crazy day.

Eternal: Gratitude for all the homeeze that could stand jacking off as well. I mean, it's pretty shameful, stealing creation in your mind and all, then convincing yourself you like it, but you what??! I believe in dreams, you know why??? cuz I don't have a fucking option.

Once again: SLO sucks. I'm revolutionizing humanity with dice, beer, and creative costumes. Ya'll might even catch some hippies smellin' like gods... ore JUST Get* cheeaapppp... they sell cologne at the dollar store. Where's Wolf?

Christina+Morena+Funkra G Skunk= Love. Forever.. And you All are FREE to FeE l -JEALOUS-

OOH, AND Major thanks to whoever put David Bohm on public access when I was Mildly suicidal..... Miled LEE, Motherfuckers.

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