Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eye of creation

I am the I of creation divine
Me maka believe I'm the messiah of time
With a wallet like jack frost
From a bet that I lost
Yamo make ya fastforward
And rewind

Me homies with the homies of imagination's own boast
Truth seeker, moment peeker, I get high when I coast
Arrogance to terrabits ain't as bad as it seems
Brag about my aura with toxicity beams

Got a lot of stuff that ya'll wanna know
Hypnotic dreadlocked chronic for the freaks in the show
Gonna shift my steez, just a little you know...
Sigh, thought wave, plane
I gotta go.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fresh with the Funk

Been flossing my messiah legend hard lately. I almost feel like unleashing my inner darth vader, but I don't know if I have the support. Hella peeps be fronting, saying crazy ain't pimp and shit, but I know what truth feels like, so I'm just gone do my thang.

That said, I'm apparently suppose to be appreciating some type of whiteman punk logic, but I can't get my dome outta wanting a woman to make me food, a few to fuck me, and some dudes with some stability and a tribe. There's too many faces here and i'm tired of 'em. I wanna retire again.

I've been flossing my inner child way too hard going on huge anxiety chases that leave me feeling totally nerdy. It's dope.

In unrelated news, I've decided the only thing keeping me from soliciting prostitutes is money and pettiness. That said, it'll probably still be forever until I get laid.


No, but seriously, what's the difference between a saint and a whore??? People actually believe in what the whore says she can do! Nurk, nurk, nurk :)

I'm just messing ya'll, but for reals, I'm revolutionizing culture through art. Takin' self expression to where it was meant to be... right in the "I did it, so now you have to do it, or else you're a pussy" pile. Yup, I'm gonna be droppin' art bombs on the wannabes cuz you know what? YOu wannabe for a reason, and it's cuz you think you're the shit. So you may as well assume your a messiahArtist, or miss out on all the fun.

I'm gettin' too crazy for you kids, I'm out.