Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Dogs Are Barkin'!

Today was my fifth day of work, and I've got to admit it; my dogs are barkin'. Troubled tootsies aren't the only thing I've noticed though. I'm beginning to discover my appreciation for hard work as well as my inner-worker. Trust me, nobody saw this one coming, yet, somehow my lazy never-do-anything-but-smoke-premium-reefer ass has found value in the menial farm work I do. Sometimes I surprise myself.

And on that note, of surprising yourself, I must describe a peculiar experience I had yesterday. I was coming home and listening to country (I'm trying to delve into the culture I find myself surrounded by at work), and I noticed I had no aversion to the lyrics. In fact, I felt I could totally relate to the song. It was about workin' hard, gettin' off, havin' a barbeque, and crackin' a cold one. I heard this song yesterday, and I must have enacted the law of attraction because today I found myself doing these exact four things!

Ah, the perks of a blue collar lifestyle.

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