Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writing Exercise

I'm about to try a writing exercise where you write what your doing for ten minutes. K, lets go! I'm typing words on my computer. I'm considering the potential of writing. I'm reflecting on my previous sentence. I'm considering an engaging question to get me thinking. I'm wondering, "what do I wanna write about??"

I'm losing interest in my writing. I'm breathing. I'm meditating. I'm feeling obligated to continue writing. I'm taking a moment to think about what I'm going to write. Ok, I know. I wanna write about the potential of humanity. I'm experiencing joy considering the possibility of helping people through writing. I'm feeling appreciation for the direction I've chosen, and appreciation for this exercise. I'm wondering why I can't always appreciate what's going on. I'm thinking about buddhism; my sense of identity, my emotions.

I'm breathing again. Forgetting as much as I can while keeping attention on my mind. I'm judging my writing exercise, thinking I may have been better off to just meditate for ten minutes. I'm looking at the clock on my computer. I'm laughing at myself for being embarrassed about how lame this blog post is. K, that's ten minutes!

Review: Hm, I felt a little anxious about staying writing. That seems odd considering I was able to write about whatever came to me. Whatevs. Let's see, what themes do I have going here... I'm intrigued by the potential of humanity to gain awareness through words and appreciative of my role. That's good! I'll do this writing exercise again sometime.

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