Thursday, July 15, 2010

Haven't blogged for a while. I've been mildly depressed. But, for me, mildly depressed isn't such a bad thing. I actually thought I was doing pretty well. I still do think I'm doing pretty well, but anyway, lemme get on with my news. First thing, I quit my farming job. Yup, it comes as little surprise to those who know me that I chose to quit my manual labor job after about two months of work, but, at least I know what's it's like. Secondly, I've decided that I do wanna work, so I'm opening up an outcall massage business in town. I hope I can give one or two massages a day and take some classes at the cuesta. Those are all my plans for now.

Right now I'm hanging out at my Mom's house in Burlingame. I love seeing my family up here. I got an awesome/kinda crazy book the other day that I've been digging, by Terrence McKenna, called Food of the Gods, where he hypothesizes that eating magic mushrooms made us into the linguistic creatures we are today. He really seems to jump to conclusions in his essays, but it's interesting and fun to experience the ideas of such an original and uninhibited thinker.

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