Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update for Nick Kump

Haven't posted in a while. I've been medicated since October, and i was too scared to see all the psycho stuff I've posted. Sure, i could delete it and save it, but I'd rather keep my blog 100% honest. Now for the update.

I've never been better. My meds are working well, I attend a mentally ill support group everyday (we have talks and go on little outings), and, as  result of not being psychotic, I've gotten my game back. For real, this is (unfortunately) the best I've been in years. I've made great progress in accepting my mental illness and having the group to relate to has accelerated my recovery.

Should be all downhill from here.

I'm interested in a couple things right now. #1 is a business I wanna start and #2 is an intentional community in Mountain View. The business idea may never materialize, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna check out this intentional community. I've been interested in living in community for years, and the one I'm gonna visit is by far the coolest seeming one I've come across, and I've looked at hundreds online.

Man, that was a pretty dry post, but I guess that's what its like being sane. Enjoy, Nick.


  1. they say..."no news is good news"...I will expect a blog with more details on this business venture soon. FYI I told Adam to comment, but I think he might not do so, however I did share the update with him. Keep it real.

  2. Thanks, Nick. I'll try to get back into the swing of things with my blog.